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Marilyn Mars Ministries of Restoration​

Aspiring to reconcile to God by helping to restore a sense of divine identity, purpose, potential, and destiny; unearthing potential in every individual.

OUR FOCUS:  The broken, rejected, oppressed, underprivileged, hurting, wounded, lost, and all people everywhere

 who desires to have positive changes in their lives 


For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11

The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor 

(Luke 4:18-19)



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The Desire To Achieve Financial Freedom

Posted on June 12, 2021 at 2:30 PM Comments comments (599)

In order for you to get ahead in life you must have some support system in place. It is imperative that you have these things working for you:

  •  Begin by eliminating your present debt, little by little.

  • Money or the ability to get access to money when you need it. Create multiple sources of income.

  • You must have vision, a plan as to what you want to do. What business do you want to build, because in order for you to become rich you have to be an entrepreneur.

  • A plan of how to get to where you want to be, it must be clear, concise and realistic-- achievable.


It will be an asset if you can look at other already working systems in order for you to understand how to manage. You may also need to have a mentor. Surround yourself with like-minded people who want to become financial free. 



Marilyn Mars

The Relationship between the Black Man and Black Woman

Posted on June 10, 2021 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (196)

There is no beauty but in relationships.

Nothing cut off by itself is beautiful. Never can things in destructive relationships be beautiful. All beauty is in the creative purpose of our relationships. All ugliness is in the destructive aims of the destroyer's arrangements.

Ayi Kwei Armah in "Two Thousand Seasons Rooted in Slavery", said it was the deliberate plan to dislocate black men and black women from one another and this has been expressed in many ways. The inability of black men and black women to protect one another during enslavement produced feelings of impotence and helplessness on both sides. Men saw their women being beaten and raped by their slave masters and women saw their men being whipped and made to be submissive, made to be less of the man they previously was, also the controlled sexual access that black men and black women had on the plantations, while the slave master had free and anytime access.

Added to this was their inability to protect their children from being slaughtered, beaten and sold has wounded the spirit of the black men and women. Guilt, blame, disloyalty, distrust, shame along with many other negative emotions put a wedge between them. However, there is liberation from this - there must be emancipation from mental slavery and racism.

I have interviewed many persons and I am seeing that their is a profound distrust, even hatred between black men and black women. it has been nursed along not only by racism, but also by an almost deliberate ignorance on the part of black men and women about the true spiritual essence and beauty in having good relationships between themselves.

It is very important that black men are taught and know the importance of learning to respect black females and likewise black females has to be taught and know the importance of respecting the black males. We need now in the black society Elder Councils formed of elder men and women of wisdom who can teach the young black males and females about their sexuality, and the importance of forming scared bonds between themselves that must be preserved.

Young males must be taught how to become a man, and females must be taught the role and functions of being a woman. This Elder Council will play a stabilizing role in the lives of black young males and females and act like an extended family that they can rely on.

We need to help our children and bring them back from the erroneous path that they are taking which can only lead to their destruction. THIS IS THE TIME FOR RESTORATION - NOW, NOW, NOW


You Are The Master

Posted on November 2, 2016 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (2)

Many men and women today are caught up in the roller coaster of desires and emotions which they are bent to have satisfied at any cost, and sometimes the cost is very high.

Let me begin by saying quite clearly, that YOU are not your desires, nor are YOU your emotions. But, YOU are THE SPIRIT of LIFE of GOD, and that your spirit is the MASTER over all your desires and emotions. You are a SPIRTUAL BEING having a human experience. Yes, you are the MASTER; however what you have done is simply chosen in your ignorance and confusion to make your emotions and desires the MASTER over your SPIRIT.

What is desire?

Desire is a sense of longing or hoping for a person, object, or outcome to happen. If the desire is to take a definite direction, it is absolutely necessary that the idea of the object, from which the pleasure is to be expected, should also be present and it should control your activity. Desires are birthed out of emotions. Desires are wantings


What is emotion?

Emotions are specific and intense psychological and physical reactions to a particular event. Emotions seem to rule our lives every day. We oftentimes make decisions based on whether we are happy, angry, sad, bored, or frustrated. We also choose activities and hobbies based on the emotions they incite in us. All emotions have the following parts: subjective feelings, physiological (body) responses, and expressive behavior. So you create your reality by the emotions that you feel.

In both state of being we have an underline aspect that runs through the core of them both, and that is the fact that both emotions and desires depend or strives on some external stimuli for its existence. It is control of us, from some external circumstances.

Look around today in the world and you will see that the television, magazines, movies and the advertising medias are all helping to create your desires for you, by influencing you and molding you with false images of what is beauty, and all these images keeps directing your attention as to “how” you should look physically, you should dress, you should be attractive and appealing. As these images floods your emotions you begin to look at yourself critically and then the FEAR of being too unattractive, unworthy, unpopular or rejected by others, who you allow to judge you as a human being, begins to creep up on you. You become bound by this FEAR and then this fear creates in you the desire TO BE WORTHY of LIFE, so you get busy trying to fit this false mold that has been created for you and therefore do not spend time on trying to develop your creative spiritual potential within.

How dare you feel that you are UNWORTHY as you compare yourself against and believe in the false images that has been portrayed. PLEASE REMEMBER THIS TRUTH! YOU ARE GOD’S TEMPLE!, fearfully and wonderfully made in HIS OWN IMAGE AND LIKENESS! Do not let your desires or your emotions take control of you, especially when they are negative or false. YOU ARE MASTER! You are in control. Do not become OBSESSIVE PRE-OCCUPIED with what the world through the media, advertisements, movies are expecting you to be, but instead begin to ignite your CREATIVE POTENTIAL WITHIN.

Your CREATIVE POTENTIAL WITHIN, is at all this time screaming at you for recognition to be released from the self imposed bondage that you have placed on it as you seek to fulfill your desires that you have created through your emotions; to look sexy, have sex, love, feel worthy, feel appreciated and such like.

It is so important to remember that ignorance of the truth is only acceptable for a time. God within you is ever giving you many opportunities to turn your ignorance into THE WISDOM OF KNOWLEDGE OF TRUTH. That is why you feel this prompting within you, but you don’t know what it is. You somehow know that there is more to you than you are experiencing right now, but you don’t know what to do about it. The creative potential within you is prompting you; it is stirring within you, needing to be satisfied, so you are mistakenly trying to satisfy it by creating this false illusion that maybe if you try to emulate these images that the world shows you as good, you will find satisfaction and feel fulfilled. But the fact of the matter is at the end of this entire charade, you are still unfulfilled.

My friends, your CREATIVE POTENTIAL WITHIN begins to unfold as you turn within and acknowledge the trueness of who you are, get to KNOW GOD, get to KNOW SELF. When you truly understand and recognize the truth of your being, your creative spiritual unfolding will no longer be frustrated or limited. You will blossom out into being who you truly are.

No false images, need to look for love in all the wrong places, over indulgence is sexual acts, alcoholism, drugs, excessive make-up, painfully sculpturing your body to look like the fabulous or be accepted by society or any other such things, should control you. As you begin the unfolding and adventure of discovering YOUR creative spiritual potential, you will be so surprised, because at this point you will discover that all the supposing needs for the above are no longer appealing to you. You will be detached and no longer have interest in it. When this happens you are truly the MASTER, you are in control of your desires and your emotions.

What a wonderful position to be in: YOU ARE THE MASTER, of you.

Minister Marilyn Mars

November 1, 2016



The Source Of Your Power

Posted on August 27, 2016 at 2:05 PM Comments comments (100)


Many have become discouraged when they realize that although they have exercised their mental faculties to the point where their mind has been literally crammed with the encyclopedic knowledge of the world, they are still nevertheless mentally muscle-bound and powerless to take dominion over their own personal affairs - much less the earth- because they are spiritually anemic.

Now, this discouragement has come about as a result of their individual failure to recognize the fact that they are actually a monadic part of God. They do not understand that in their eternal union with the mind of God, they are connected to a giant computer. Through this computer, all knowledge is immediately available by spiritual transmission to those who are willing to use it to do the will of God.

"Take dominion over the world - take dominion over your life." You were intended to be a practical manifestation of God, learning how to master your environment and your life by infinite wisdom from God united with your own natural intelligence.

"Take control of your own circumstances," God is in charge - not in control, if he was he would not have given us freedom- free will to choose who we want to be or do. Joshua 24:15 said "as for me and my house we will serve the Lord." Spiritual intellegence is needed in our house, church and in everything that we do.

Transmute the conditions in your own world that you do not want by determined and persistent effort. Every person who exalts the life of God within themselves knows the power to do all things is in their hands every day, within the reach of their own intellengence and spirit.

Now my beloved, digest this into your consciousness; looking to another is not the solution to your problems; nor will it win the intended fulfilment God holds for you, blessed of God. If you are however enlightened by the torch of divine knowlege, and is aware of the magnificence of your true divine self-hood, you will be able to summon the strength from the invisible realm and use the processes of transmutative power from there within your own world and affairs to daily master all outer conditions by the spiritual means and physical appurtenances available to you.

See your life, at any age or at any time as amenable to change for the better. Also see yourself as possessing the capability to surmount any condition at will. To be free you must disallow all old ideas as quickly as you are able to, and you must discard all outworn concepts and erroneous beleifs about yoursef, and your divine self-hood and become the divine being - acknowleging the source of your power.

Minister Marilyn Mars

Embrace Change

Posted on July 31, 2016 at 10:45 AM Comments comments (343)

As we look around in our world today there is evidence of change all around us. The season changes, the month changes, the year changes, the day changes and such like. Every thing has it time and every goes through a season of change, even our attitudes and our bodies. The entire creation knows that change is inevitable.


People generally are very resistant to change because there is an element of uncertainty as to how change may affect our lives, especially if we are comfortable in the position of life that we are presently. These people see change as an interference or disturbance in their life even if in reality it may bring about some benefit to them. They may be content to remain in the same old condition because and forgo the benefit because of fear of change.


Creation itself teaches us that change is a necessary requirement for progress and regeneration. If there is no change there is stagnation, no growth, no development in our life. Even in our mind we are changing our thoughts daily about many issues because our old thoughts may not be beneficial to the present age or system of doing things. If we do not change our thinking we will not be an asset or be able to positively contribute to society, our family and more so to our own individual development.


We must however be able to recognize the time and the season to effect change in our life. A good clue is when we realize that there is stagnation in our present situation or condition, this is an indication that change is necessary. The kind of change we need to make will be determine according to our circumstances. The type of change needed must be well sort out, and though out before made because change must be beneficial, it must be rewarding, it must bring about progress.


This may be your season to change, change your attitude, thinking, friends, places you visit, job, relationship, living environment, eating habits, the way you dress, the way you present yourself, your outlook of life, your hairstyle or whatever it is that is no longer benefiting you.


Stop the fear and make the change, you deserve it. Remember there is a time and a season for everything, even creation knows this well enough, if it did not I shudder to think how chaotic the world would have been.

Supplements for Women

Posted on July 30, 2016 at 6:00 PM Comments comments (239)


for Women

by Marilyn Mars




Eating a well-balanced diet may be hard to do. However these supplements can help you reach your goals.


You try to eat healthy, but somehow with all that you may have going on you are still unable to do so. To help fill this void consider adding a supplement to your diet.



Helps to keep your bones and teeth strong. Calcium is beneficial to the body, particulary needed by postmenopausal women, when they are at a risk for sbone loss and osteoporosis.


Best food sources: Milk, cheese, and yogurt are excellent sources of calcium. If diary foods does not agree with you there are other foods that can also give you calcium like spinach, kale, okra, collards, soybeans and white beans.


Vitamin D

This is commonly know to aid the body's absorption of calcium in order to build strongs bones. Low leavels of vitamin D in the body has been linked to depression, heart disease and disbetes.


Best food sources: We get our daily dose of vitamin D from sunlight, however, that may not be always possoisble. So supplement by loading up with food like fish (salmon, trout, tuna) mushrooms, and milk.



Every month women lose iron fron their body through mensrtrual periods. Therefore it is imperative to replace that which was lost. Iron is essential for cell growth because it helps produce red blood cells, it also supports a strong immune system and maintin cognitive development.


Best food sources: Most meat sources like lean red meat, chicken and turkey are good for iron. You can also eat liver, chickpeas, pumpkin seeds and lentils.



If you find yourself struggling with PMS, migraines, irritability, and painful cramps. You need to add more magnesium to your diet.


Best food sources: Dark leafy vegetables are best, but you can also eat some bananas, dark chocolate, nuts, seeds and soybeans.


Vitamin A

Daily doses of vitamin A helps to keep your eyes and vision sharp. It also helps your immune system function smoothly and helps your body to fight off disease.


Best food sources: Carrots, Iceberg lettuce, Sweet potatoes, Mustard greens, Butternut squash, whole milk, Kale.


7 Ways To Start Working on God's Vision For Your Life

Posted on July 24, 2016 at 4:40 PM Comments comments (0)


If you’ve ever said “I don’t know what to do with my life,” it’s time to start connecting with God and


grabbing hold of His vision instead. Let these seven tips help you discover your purpose.


1. "Inquire of the blueprint."


God has a blueprint or intelligent design plan created for each and every one of our lives. Ask Him


and learn what He had in mind when He made you. Get the original idea God had for your life!


2. "Get clarity and direction."


Ask questions, pray and journal in order to get clarity. When you get a vision of God’s purpose,


continue to seek guidance so that you will be moving in the direction of your provision.


3. "Write it down."


You’ve got  a vision, now it’s time to get a plan. A plan is a documented desire which is hopefully a


desire that God has planted in your heart. Once you write down the plan it puts pressure on the work


to advance to the next level…manifesting.


4. "Take action steps daily."


Create action items for your plan and make mini-goals on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This


can be one of the most stressful steps in the process but remember this, “The plans of the heart


belong to the man, but the answer of the tongue is from the Lord, ” Proverbs 16:1.


5. "Develop an accountability team."


Assemble an entourage of vision accountability partners that will keep the vision at the forefront and


prevent it from falling by the wayside. When obstacles and opposition come, these encouragers


will motivate you to keep at it.


6. "Move in the vision’s direction until you get a red light."


Start moving forward being careful to take God on the journey. Be watchful. If you get red lights,


adhere to them and get guidance on how to course correct.


7. "Refine as you get more insight."


Your purpose is fixed, your plans are not. You may have to go  back to the drawing board on figuring


out the plan as more revelation is brought forth. Don’t be afraid to refine and revise the plan

Rev. Marilyn Mars

Love Your Body

Posted on July 10, 2016 at 2:05 PM Comments comments (456)

By:Marilyn Mars

"Your Body is Precious, So treat it will Respect"

How have you being treating your body? Have you ever stop to consider:


  1. The amount of unhealthy foods that you put in your body.
  2. The negatrive self thoughts about your body: I don't like how my body looks, it is too fat, too thin, too ugly etc.


However despite everything your body went through, the poor nutrition and the negative self thoughts,  it still functions. Inside, there are millions of microscopic systems working without you even noticing. Your body is a unique and incredible creation. So instead of loading it up with unhealthy foods and obsessing over how it looks, you can focus on the benefits your body gives you, and this will inspire you to treat it with respect. It will also help you to see the negative consequences of destructive behaviors.



Whether your body is a size zero or a size twenty, you can learn to love your body, loving your body lies in changing your body image, instead of changing its appearance. Body image is the way you perceive your body and how you believe others perceive it. It relates to the feelings about it and the sense of feeling connected with your body. Body image lies at the core of self-esteem and self-confidence.

You can begin to love your body by:

Becoming friends with your body

Put away every negative feeling about your body and write down every positive aspect of your body. Think about the things your body does for you every single day, it carries you around, it performs all necessary life functions, and also about everything that you can do with your remarkable body. Once you do this, you will realize your body isn’t so bad at all and you can hang out with it. You may not be able to love it entirely as yet, especially if you have negative feeling about it, but you can start to become its friend. Consider your body as your buddy, with whom you work together to fulfill your dreams.

When you begin to think like this, you will want to begin caring about the foods that you put in your body.


Accepting Your Body

Loving your body takes time and doesn’t happen overnight. Once you became friends with your body and realize the benefits of it, you can start accepting it. You will start to look at yourself in the mirror without judgment, and your eyes will be open to its beauty. However, this does not mean that your inner-critic won’t speak up. But you can now make the decision to silence that voice by not listening to it and decide to be kind to your body.


Appreciating your body

Once you accept your body the way it is, you can start learning to appreciate it. You don’t need to celebrate it yet, just be grateful for every aspect of it. When negative feelings arise you can say to yourself, “I am valuable no matter what size my body is” and “My beauty doesn’t depend on the way my body looks.” Think about all your passions and the dreams you want to fulfill and the role your body will play in helping you to fulfill those dreams.


Develop positive self-talk

Challenge your negative thoughts by using positive daily affirmations like, “I will be kind and loving to my body today” or “I will love my body today just the way it is.”  Do this over time, and with enough intention,  and see your positive body affirmations become your reality.

Develop a body-love practice

Nourish your body with the right nutrients and with a body love treatment. Start eating healthy, pamper yourself by taking a scented bath, get a great massage, look at your body in the mirror with appreciate  or dance around naked (that is fun). Do anything you like which benefits your body and will make you feel connected with it.


There was a time when I battle with my own body image but after years of battling, I said to myself, afterall this is the only body I have so why am I going through all this nonsence. I can now look in the mirror and be happy with my reflection. I have found peace. Not in changing my body, but in changing and growing the way I perceive myself, a Queen with a beautiful body temple. And the funny thing is, when I was able to love myself, to love my body, it begun to have a radiant glow, it begin to shape up, I begun to look and feel younger, and self confident.  Being beautiful and maintaining  a positive body image comes from within and you need to unlocked this feeling within you with positive affirmations. Yes, you can do it.

Loving your body will take a while, but the process is gratifying and worth the effort.

Divinity Within

Posted on July 3, 2016 at 4:25 PM Comments comments (19)

Man is Divinity humanized; dewelling in man is concentrated vast power, awaiting manifesttion. However  some men will condemn themselves to a life of poverty, disease and despair.  He begs for alms from all and sundry and debases the Lord within. He tells himself that God is far away, in a somewhat unreachable heaven, where he can only go to, if he qualifies after he dies.

He exiles himself from the Kingdom of God within, which is his legitimate heritage. He deludes himself into the belief that it is he who feels, thinks, speakes and acts.

He curses himself as being a fool or as a victim of fate or circumstances, and continue to commit wrong with every such imprecation! Examine yourselves each of you, examine your own minds and avoid this cowardice which denies you your birthright.

In reality , the power that man holds in himself is unsurpassed; there is no other created being that has it. Man is the living image of God, the precious casket enshrining the Divine itself.  So if you are weak, grief stricken and ignorant, the fault is yours; do not blame others; you have not tapped into the wellspring of God within you.

If a man would be value at his true worth, and be treated as a Divine Spark enclosed in the body, he will be able to rise tinto new heights of acheivement and produce all the necessities of life in profusion.

He will not think about selfishly grabbing for resources  or cheating on others to gratify self; but will be a good worker, a pure person and a sincere devotee. He will cultivate the inner vision unto manifestation, and realise that he is not the body or senses or mind of even intellect. Only then will he be full of strenght and self-confidence.




Psalm 82:6-8King James Version (KJV)

6 I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.


7 But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes.


8 Arise, O God, judge the earth: for thou shalt inherit all nations.

God in his awesomeness wonderfully created man by taking portions of His own immortal Spirit substance and he shaped it with a head, a body, hands, and feet, and he then encased it in a clay mold of flesh. Eventually He then gaved each individual his or her own consciousness and sensitivity. Yet in all this He is really each person, and the consciousness and awareness that each person has is a portion of God's own awareness intended for that person. So each human being whether male or female, of whatever race, or color, is a little fragment of God sharing a small piece of God's own divine whom God is totally in tune and at home at all times.

My Beloved Reach For Your Divinity Within

 Minister Mars.