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Marilyn Mars

 Ministries of Restoration

"Activating the Promise of Restoration - Jer. 30:17"

Cellular Nutrition (Herbal Nutrition)

To maintain optimum health, we must feed ourselves properly. Unfortunately, for many persons a poor diet has caused an increase in health issues today.

In order to compensate for these poor eating habits, we must at least have "Basic Nutrition"., which includes a balanced diet of proteins, vitamins, minerals

and essentials oils on a daily basis. A balanced diet keeps your body functioning correctly.

Ardyss International products included in your daily diet may provide many essential nutrients that strengthens your body and keep it performing at its best.

Information on these products and purchases can be made at:

There are products that may help you with your:

  • DIGESTIVE HEALTH - It is important to have good digestion in order for your body to absorb essential nutrients, and therefore quickly eliminate unnecessary elements and toxins. Disruption in the digestive process over time cause issues with your health and well-being. You health is determined by the state of your digestion, "You are what you eat".
  • CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH: The cardiovascular system includes the arteries, veins, and hearth. This system supplies oxygen to key areas of your body like the brain and the vital organs.
  • BRAIN HEALTH:Providing proper and sufficient nutrition to your brain can maintain adequate brain frequencies and increase its neurological function.
  • IMMUNOLOGICAL HEALTH: The immune system consists of a network of cells, tissues and organs working together to protect the body. The cells include two basic types of white blood cells (leukocytes), which work together to destroy foreign substances, disease-causing organisms, or virus.
  • MUSCLES AND BONES: Muscles and bones in your body are made up of active living tissues. Throughout our lives, these tissues constantly regenerate (and may be repaired naturally or through medical intervention) It is important to keep them strong and active so that they may provide you adequate musculoskeletal support. To do this properly, your muscles and bones needs a healthy combination of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.
  • WOMEN'S HEALTH: Phytoestrogens are natural, nonsteroidal, plant compounds, because of their structural similarity to estradiol (a hormone produced by the endocrine glands) may cause estrogenic effects in the body. Women's health in particular, may be greatly impacted by supplementing their diet.

Added to this there is a line of DE LEON CAFE (coffee) that coffee lovers can enjoy and satisfy their coffee cravings while receiving important

nutrients in their bodies. they are:

  • WEIGHT LOSS DE LEON CAFE: Contains many helpful ingredients, like Artichoke; a natural plant that helps with digestion and may reduce abdominal bloating and stimulate bile production. The "Green Tea" found in this coffee may suppress appetite and assist with weight control (along with exercise and a healthy diet). The "Chromium" found within (chromium picolinate) also activate fat metabolism.
  • SWEET BALANCE DE LEON COFFEE: Contains "Ginseng," "Nopal," and "Ganoderma," These ingredients help maintain healthy blood sugar and glucose levels in those within normal range. This coffee also contains "Milk Thistle," which provides protective benefits to your liver.
  • COLLAGEN FORM DE LEON CAFE: Contains hydrolyzed "Collagen," and up to 20 amino acids. These proteins can help protect your skin, joints and hair cells.
  • ORIGINAL DE LEON CAFE: Contains a key ingredient, a polypore mushroom called "Ganoderma". It originated in Asia where it has been used in traditional medicine for some time. Ganoderma may aid your immune system by increasing immune cell activity. Additionally, this product may facilitate normal levels of healthy cholesterol and triglyceride.

Added to this Ardyss also have a line of reshaping garments for both men and women and beauty products.