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Woman, Know Thyself

(part of the restoration process) Woman:- Strong, resourceful, resilient, wise, loving, tender and nurturing, who God has designed to be the perfect counterpart to the man. Woman you are a Goddess. Women has to come to the place in their lives, where they must fully understand who they are and begin to walk with dignity. …

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(part of the restoration process)

Woman:- Strong, resourceful, resilient, wise, loving, tender and nurturing, who God has designed to be the perfect counterpart to the man. Woman you are a Goddess.

Women has to come to the place in their lives, where they must fully understand who they are and begin to walk with dignity. There is nothing external of yourself that you need to make you right. You need not look for validation outside of your self; from a relationship; from a job (your work is not your life); from anything that does not reflect the true you (the divinity within). All that you need is within you. You are wonderfully and fearfully made with beauty, grace, love, favor and honor. You are powerful and influential, there is evidence of women bringing down great Kings just by their influence, that is why God can use us to change the dynamics of this world.

It is time for you to wake up and celebrate the divinity within you, and stop putting yourself down. Stop limiting yourself and stop, stop living a life of mediocrity. You are full of purpose, just be the true reflection of God as you was created to be. Women need to discover their true natures–their innate gifts and abilities, recognize where they are best suited in life, appreciate their strengths as well as understand their areas of challenge.

Have you ever consider my sisters that within you is the creation, and from you come all creation. God has made you co-creator with Himself, for within you is the womb from which all human race come forth, without you there would be no extension of the human race. You are that one who gives birth to, create, another. If there is any area in which a creature emulates its Creator—if there is any act by which we express the spark of divinity at our core—it is the miracle of birth.

Then would you agree that your purpose on this earth is profoundly unique. That is why it is so important that you protect your womb, by keeping it scared. Be mindful of who you allow to penetrate your womb…ensure that you retrain from sexual immorality. 

If you have to give away that precious and sacred part of your body without a commitment from a man it is not worth it.

Some women get into the wrong relationships, and think that they will get the right results. Every thing that happens within our life is as a result of the choices we make. It is the woman, according to Torah law, who exclusively determines the spiritual identity of her child.

We are creators of our own destiny, our choices determine our destiny. A woman must be able to make conscious choices that have personal meaning and fulfillment for her, as an individual. Many times we get into relationships that are unworthy of us, and we may be fully conscious of it most of the times. During the relationship we always see signs that it will not be a good relationship for us and yet we ignore them, instead of letting the other party know our concerns.

It can be very easy at times to know the nature of a person if we listen long enough to what they say, as from the abundance of the heart, a person speaks. When we listen attentively we can hear enough and watching their actions towards us and others we can see enough, most times in their characteristics to make a judgement about what would be the likely results of getting into a relationship with that particular person, and whether it will bring about either a positive or negative outcome in our life.

Begin to take stock of yourself today. No one can complete you like you. You don’t have to seek or look for love outside of yourself, look for the love within (God in you is love). First you have to love yourself, before you can truly love someone, like attracts like, and “your vibes attracts your tribe” – meaning that if you don’t love yourself it is natural that you will attract persons in your life who will reciprocate the exact way you feel about yourself – they will not love you.

When you begin to love yourself, you eyes become open, and you see clearly into your situation and you do not accept anything, anyone or any kind of treatment that does not compliment or enhance you.

Another thing to seriously consider is when we make poor choices of spouses to cohabit with the result is; single motherhood – and most times a lot of wayward and rebellious children. God’s plan for the family is Father – Mother – Children. Children need both parents in their lives in order to have a healthy and sober upbringing. We have to be wise and very serious about the choices we make in order to preserve our generation.

In order for there to be a return of morals and decency to society we woman has to start with ourselves, we have to change or attitudes, we have to respect ourselves, we have to make right choices, we have to dress modestly, we have to know our true worth — and most importantly we have to protect our wombs, because from our wombs comes forth the next generation, from us the generation is born, is nurtured. Whatever comes out of our womb and into the world is as a result of what we allow (the kind of men we cohabit with) into our wombs. This is serious.

When we set high standards…..our men will have no other choice but to come up to the standards that we would have set in our lives. We hold the keys and we can unlock the door to righteous living and bring restoration to the world.

It is the desire of Marilyn Mars Ministries of Restoration to educate the woman on her divine role in the family, the society and the world at large. 


“You have to do first things first. If you do not accept your own dignity as a woman, all external trappings shall mean nothing. It has nothing at all to do with any man or with any relationship. Once you accept your own dignity, the whole world will come to you.”

“You must look beyond the mirror! You are the spirit, you are the soul, you are the self. You are the honor, you are the source of all sources. You are the redeemer of all redeemers. From you, this creation is born.”

“Your beauty, your duty, your makeup, your knowledge, your degrees, your education, and whatever else you may want to use to your advantage are based on only one thing: From beginning to end, you act as a woman in absolute grace.”

“Oh Lord of Lords of the time, if you have created this world, create those environments where everybody’s mother, sister, and every woman on this planet can live with grace and there shall be no circumstances in which she has to sell her beauty, sell her body, sell her being, or sell her consciousness to exist on this planet.”

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