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Spiritual Life Coaching!

Rediscover yourself and recover your divine relationship. Take back your life, give yourself the opportunity to become all that God created you to be today - why wait for tomorrow!




  • To raise up children that will be purpose seekers, earth changers and history makers.
  • To encourage children to grow and develop to their maximum potential, teaching them who they are and what is their divine relationship.
  • To instill righteous values and morals in their lives, enabling them to be a light to both the nation and the world

We will lead children into a growing relationship with their divine nature by creating environments in which children are encouraged to pursue friendships, make friends with good people, understand their God-given gifts and begin to use them, and positively affect their friends who do not know about their own gifts and talents.

A strategy for fulfilling this vision statement would include:

From birth, and/or at their level of development, children are exposed to teaching that reinforces our vision statement.

They are:

  • given opportunity to experience God’s love and forgiveness.
  • taught how to make good honorable and law abiding friends.
  • taught about spiritual gifts and how they can use theirs to enhance themselves.
  • instructed in how to relate positively to their family, friends and authorities in their lives in everyday situations.
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Children are our Precious Jewels

There are many children born today who will grow up to become the “Leaders” of our Spiritual Transformation and Alignment. You must regard all children as the potential for creative and spiritual upliftment for our conscious evolution, the birth of us within the One. If you would take time to observe, you will see that there are children who are being born today which has entire into this world with great spiritual knowledge. I have oftentimes listen to the words of many children, including my daughter and has learnt from them.

So will you give them a place so that they can blossom within God’s knowingness? Or will you continue towards the suicide of yourselves by hindering these little ones from coming forth. Let the children come unto me saith the Lord, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.

There must be a universal and common interest paid to all children, whether you are a parent or not, so let us all start today.

Teach Your Child About God and Creation

There must be a feeling of sincere and serious responsibility by you to teach your children about God and share with them your perception of God and creation. In order for you to express this with integrity and knowing, you must yourself possess the integrity and knowing within yourself. It is critical that you explain God to them from your perception always, so that the child can be allowed to come into his or her knowing within, without you having strict rules and unwavering projections of “THIS IS HOW IT IS, SO DON’T ASK ME ANY MORE.”

The most important piece of information you can give to your child, is to let him or her know that God exist within them, not without. And that God is Light, Love and Knowledge, and we are all related fragments of His thinking, mind and knowing.

Letting your children know of the spiritual oneness, will help to give him or her the spiritual stability when they would encounter the human instability. In doing this you will be preparing them for their Life’s work upon earth and the realization of their purpose.

Your Actions and Behavior Are That Which Your Child will Follow

If you do not live a life in balance with the Laws of God, how do you expect your child to do so? You are setting an example not by that which you say, but instead, by that which you do. If you do not demonstrate a responsible behavior in your life, how can you expect you child to do so. When you are a honorable reflection of God and when you follow right morals and integrity your child will see this and be inspired to do the same.

A child must also be thought that his or her thoughts are powerful and that it creates a manifestation in life and that their is a responsibility attached to whatever is sowed.

Encourage a child to ask questions if they do not understand anything that is said or done to them or in their presence so that they will be able to have a clear knowledge of cause, all tell them the truth, so that it will bring and end to the ignorance already projected by others.

Teach your child not to harbor fear, but that he or she can be brave enough to offer assistance to change.

Teach them about God’s divine light of protection and guidance, as they are never alone. A child must know that if they truly wishes to understand anything which you may be unable to answer, that they can ask of God within them to show them the truth so that they can return to the knowledge of God. Teach them to give honor, appreciation and gratitude to God everyday for their life experiences, and sustenance given to them. Show them that their will and God’s will must be one. Teach them the universal law of cause and effect, as whatever a man sow that shall he reap.

Give The Child Responsibility That They May Develop Independence

It is beneficial to a child when you give then duties such as household chores, and responsibility and that the consequences of ignoring these duties are made very clear. Explain to them why they are given duties and why they are consequences it the duties are not done, so that they can understand what responsibility is all about. Male children especially should be though how to be responsible.

Many mothers, especially, gets into the habit of just doing everything, such as the laundry, dishes, cleaning for the children, and then they wonder why they are so irresponsible and demanding of them to do more. When your children become old enough let them learn to cook, clean, feed the pets, do the laundry so that they would not go though life expecting all to be done for them. In so doing you will learning them how to care for themselves and be neat and orderly in their functioning.


Minister Mars

What about the children! they are our future, they determine what the future will be like, so lets us teach them right and restore righteousness to our nations and to the world.

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