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Spiritual Life Coaching!

Rediscover yourself and recover your divine relationship. Take back your life, give yourself the opportunity to become all that God created you to be today - why wait for tomorrow!



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Restoration is a foundation for lifestyle change. This understanding of restoration as shown in the Word of God shows us God’s role as the Master Restorer. God promises us restoration of our mind, body and spirit, thus, we see the link between the scriptural messages of restoration and a strong commitment to making healthy lifestyle choices.

In numerous Old and New Testament passages and stories, readers encounter the Most High God who has intention for all His people to be well and who works constantly to save and restore a creation so deeply wounded by sin. It was Christ’s mission while he walked on earth “to bring to men complete restoration. He came to give them health and peace and perfection of body, mind, spirit and character”. Consequently, the Biblical perspective of restoration is a message about the Master Restorer working in each dimension of the human experience to make man whole. This is the message “God is the Restorer; Satan is the Destroyer. God says, I am your Redeemer, and I will heal you” .
Pain and affliction will try your faith, but be not discouraged. I am your Restorer”

At Marilyn Mar Ministries of Restoration it is our intention to establish ministries and offer services that are in congruity with God’s Restoration Plan. Please see such ministries and services below.


The intention is to promote divine self awareness in women, which will empower then to become “virtuous women” and change agents in society. They will be able to nurture and raise children and take proper care of their family. Change the world. “Educate a woman, educate the world”.

The intention is to bring together men of all
ages who are desirous of working together, having a sincere relationship with God and grow in this relationship. Who are willing to become in alignment with their divine role and purpose, individually, in the family, and society. 

What is the value of riches and fame without a strong and healthy body? If you do not look after your body, you will have no where to live to do all the wonderful and marvelous things that you want to do for God and yourself.
Ensuring that you eat nutritious meals, exercise, take care of your mental health is part of the process.

The intention is to help persons who had been previously incarcerated to make a positive adjustment and reentry into society, by helping them to access related social services. Make the best of this wonderful opportunity of God’s favor given, and to restore themselves in right standing in their communities, and families.

The intention is to assist and guide others to realize who they are- their divine design; and their God given purpose. The  lessons learnt from their life experiences, strengths and weakness are all indicators of what their divine purpose may be.
“Becoming the best version of yourself.”

Providing financial services and information to help people be educated on how to make better and sound financial decisions for themselves and the family. Credit management, repair and tax preparation services. Ensuring that you have a sound financial status is of great importance.


Relationship Coaching – all based on biblical principles encouraging you to intentional develop and maintain happy and harmonious relationships. Marriages; family; romantic.


Nutritional Health, Diet and Weight Management Coaching. Encouraging clients to follow their personal health and wellness goals. Accountability partner and cheer leader.


We help you awake and activate your spiritual connection, so that you can realize your divine purpose.


The intention is to educate and nurture children from infancy so that they will become well rounded adults. Children are our future, our wise investment in them today will determine our returns tomorrow.

Connect with us, for more information concerning these ministries.


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Officiating, Counselling, Planning, Catering Services

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Preaching and Speaking Engagements Thanksgiving, Ordinations

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Planning, Preaching, Programs, Ministerial Support


Knowing, reading, studying and meditating of the Word of God is necessary and important to your restoration.

Spiritual Consultancy & Life Coaching

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