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Spiritual Life Coaching!

Rediscover yourself and recover your divine relationship. Take back your life, give yourself the opportunity to become all that God created you to be today - why wait for tomorrow!

The Word of God

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The Word – A guide to righteous living

Studying the Bible

Many have made this same decision, and all will testify to the great spiritual blessings that come from studying God’s Word. Having studied and taught the Bible now for over 30 years, I will share things that I have learned through my experiences as well as what I have learn through inspiration by the Holy Spirit.

My hope and prayer is that through reading this book, you will be encouraged to become one of those believers who is taught by the Holy Spirit, learning and receiving the special blessings God has reserved for you in His Word.

Individual and Group Bible Study Classes Offered 



This section consists of 39 Books, and it tells about the beginning of the world, and the introduction of mankind.

PENTATEUCH                = 5 BOOKS:     Genesis to Deuteronomy

HISTORY                        = 12 BOOKS:    Joshua to Esther

POETRY                         = 5 BOOKS:      Job to Songs of Solomon

MAJOR PROPHETS      = 5 BOOKS:      Isaiah to Daniel

MINOR PROPHETS       = 12 BOOKS:    Hosea to Malachi


This section consists of 27 Books, and it tells about the establishment of the church and the morals that believers should possess.

THE GOSPELS               = 4 BOOKS:      Matthew, Mark, Luke, John

HISTORY                         = 1 BOOK:         Acts

PAULINE EPISTLES       = 13 BOOKS:     Romans, (1&2) Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, (1&2) Thessalonians, (to church or individuals) (1&2) Timothy, Titus, Philemon

GENERAL EPISTLES     = 8 BOOKS:      Hebrews, James, (1&2) Peter, (1-3) John, Jude

PROPHECY                    = 1 BOOK:         Revelation

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