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Women United for Divine Purpose“The Virtuous Woman Lifestyle (Proverbs 31: 10-31)”

Woman United for Divine Purpose is a sub-ministry of Marilyn Mars Ministries of Restoration which caters to the needs of women regardless of their color, race or creed or whether they are single or married. This is a non-denominational ministry, with its foundation built on the biblical scripture found in Proverbs 31: 10-31.


Our intention is to educate women on their true nature of being. Equipping them with the necessary tools and inspiring them to use their inborn God given gifts and talents to enhance firstly themselves and then society.

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Awaking the Goddess (the divine feminine power within)

There was a time when a woman were honored and celebrated for her divinity, wisdom and grace and not only for her beauty. As we see in society today the standards set by the media and culture seems to be more validated in defining a woman, than morals and righteous living.

Many women today spend years basing their self-worth on whether they meet these standards. Thus women are often time being used as sex symbols or an advertisement tool. Put a scantily dressed, exotically shaped, well makeup women next to a product you are advertising for sale and it will sell like hot cakes. This was all intended to satisfy the lustful ego of some men, but does not represent what a woman is all about, this image has mortify and discredit the true self worth of women, and from this parade many women who does not fit that image has developed low self-esteem.

How liberating it would be when all women can think of their value being defined by their inner light, radiance and grace and not by their outer appearance.

Each of us women are unique, we are the expression of the divine aspect of God. As women we have been given a divine gift of being co-creator with God in bringing forth his sons and daughters, from us come forth the generations. The fascinating beauty of God is within us, as we have the greatest capacity to love, which is the embodiment of who God is. Our beauty is not in our markup or our fashion, it lies in our depth. The strength of our mental, spiritual, auric body and our radiance makes up our entire physical being. Added to that radiance is our smile and nothing can defeat that. If we women will only get the strength and make the contentment in manifesting our true divine nature there would be no need for trauma and drama in our lives, we will wholly aspect ourselves they way we were wonderfully and uniquely created by God and see our individual attractiveness, be confident and strong that everything we desire will come to us.

We have another blessing as women that gives us effectiveness and radiance, and that is our grace. What is grace? Grace is the strength of character to be you and never let yourself down or anyone else down. A woman walking in her radiance and grace requires no introduction. She does not have to utter a word to be noticed or for persons to show her reverence, trust and the understanding that she deserves. Women can heal and transform all that surrounds her with her smile. Her strength and power comes from manifesting who she truly is: I am woman, I am a graceful woman, I am a woman walking in my divinity. When we hold and embrace this consciousness–we excel.

To live successful in the world women need to know who they are, what is their divine nature, and how to play their real role in society today. They need an awareness of this in order to equip themselves for the challenges ahead. Women are shifting paradigms in leadership, “because no matter our role- single, married, working inside or outside the home, we are thrust into lessons of sacrifice, multi-tasking, and finding our voice in the midst of the daily routines. It is no secret that some of us know fully well how to honor our God-given vocations while simultaneously mastering the mundane. It is precisely because of this unique training, and not in spite of it, that women have something commendable to bring to the public arena, the church and the world.

Women are the catalyst of change, it is my opinion that she can heals the ills in society if she would walk in her divine role. She can bring back the morals in society if she can learn to respect herself and walk in the path of righteousness, and eventually the whole world will follow. The vilest person can be appeased with the love of a woman, the new born child in perfect innocence looks up into the eyes of their mother, the strong and bravest of men are defeated by the charm of a woman.

She is the nurturer, comforter and teacher of the young child who she cradles to her breast; the lessons that are learnt from her are carried with them all through their lives and indeed have an indelible effect on them all the days of their lives..

I have been privileged to witness grown men cry when they remember the goodness and affection shown to them by their now deceased mother and the pain which which they mourned their lost. Women play an important part in society, and she has the power to change, stimulate and turn around the entire dimension of society from deterioration to restoration.

It is with this conviction that Women United for Divine Purpose operates. There is, in our opinion no better depiction of the type of woman who is needed to effect this restoration but the Proverbs 31 woman illustrated in the Bible (Proverbs 31:10-31), and we use this scripture as the foundation on which this ministry is built.

Walk with us on this educational tour…….

Our Goal:

“Educating our women so they can educate the world”

We Propose To:

  • Assist women in identifying their divine purpose and spiritual gifts, then motivate them to cultivate those gifts for use in the family and society,
  • Promote educational, spiritual, emotional, ethical and intellectual growth, among women of all age groups, and in various stages of life and cultural diversity.
  • Facilitate the building of networks among women in the world to encourage bonds of friendships, mutual respect and support, to allow the creative exchange of ides and information related to women concerns and issues.
  • Create an environment that encourages productivity, rewards effort and initiation, and provides a spiritual climate in which each woman can experience growth. 

We will communicate our message via:

  • Newsletters, pamphlets 
  • Websites and Social Media
  • Face-to-face meetings
  • Seminars, lectures, conferences     
  • Telephone, emails, text, letters
  • Private Consultations 
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